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One unforgettable moment can change your life forever. For many Independent Herbalife Members – that moment came when they attended an Herbalife Extravaganza for the first time. They realized what’s possible, because they were surrounded by thousands of Members just like you who discovered the potential they didn’t know they had… until another Member opened their eyes.

Feel the power of the Herbalife community and the vibrant, electrifying energy at the 2015 North America Extravanga in St. Louis, Missouri as we celebrated 35 years of inspiring results.

Join us and experience the magic for yourself!

And remember, as a new Member, you can also earn $75 or an exclusive Herbalife gift with our 35th Anniversary Promotion. Details. If you need assistance or have any questions, contact Member Services at 866-866-4744.


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Brook K.
Executive President’s Team 20K

“I was taught from day one that the events help you learn and grow,” she says. “That’s where you build relationships, learn new skills and hear ‘golden nuggets’ that you can take back to your community and move your business forward.”*

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