Types of Events

April Leadership Development Weekend April Leadership Development Weekend

Lead your Business to the Top. Develop the leadership skills and advance your business with the 90-day plan by attending this amazing event in April!

July Leadership Development WeekendOctober Leadership Development Weekend

Discover the best tools and strategies to achieve leadership success.


Attend the most spectacular event of the year and experience the big picture: Herbalife’s vision, leadership, incredible products and proven business opportunity.

Future Presidents Team RetreaFuture President's Team Retreat

Future President's Team Retreats provide you with top-tier training, unbelieveable momentum-building, and fabulous parties! Open to TAB Team level and above.


Success Training Seminars provide you with some of the most important tools that will help take you to the top!


HOMs are a great way to introduce others to Herbalife. Invite all of your prospects and build your business!